“Logs to burn, logs to burn
logs to save the coal a turn
here’s a word to make you wise
when you hear the woodsmans cries

never heed his usual tale
that he has good logs for sale
but read these lines and really learn
the proper kind of logs to burn

Beechwood fires burn bright and clear
Hornbeam blaxes too
if the logs are kept a year
and seasoned through and through

Oak logs will warm you well
if they’re old and dry
larch logs of pinewood smell
but the sparks will fly

pine is good an so is yew
for warmth through wintry days
but Poplar and willow too
take long to dry and blaze

Birch logs will burn too fast
Alder scarce at all
Chestnut log are good to last
if cut in the fall

Holly logs burn like wax
you should burn them green
elm logs like smouldering flax
no flame to be seen

Pear logs and apple logs
they will scent your room
cherry logs across the dogs
smell like flowers in bloom

But ash logs all smooth and grey
burn them green or old
burn up all that come your way
they’re worth their weight in gold.”

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